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Apple pie for you

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Aug. 14th, 2005 @ 04:57 pm
Today I slept in really late (around 1pm) and I didn't get yelled at until 3pm today! That is a record!!
Then, at around 3:40 my dad is yelling at me about how he is going to make me get a haircut today with him.. I don't even have any pics with my long hair =P so I want to take some today before he whacks my hair off while I am sleeping o_o

PeopleGrade Gender Confusion Aug. 5th, 2005 @ 06:30 pm
I have this "PeopleGrade" account and it is basically a my space ripoff...
You post pics and you have a profile, the scary thing is, "heterosexual" males are mistaking me for a female... No one will ever read my profile(and see that I am a male, not a female) and instead only look at the pic of me with my hat(It covers my face) and long hair and think I am a girl.
I wish people(males) whould READ MY EFFING PROFILE before commenting "hey cutie"... I don't mind if females call me cute though =P
And me having full lips doesn't help either... I get called gay for having them.

Radio Aug. 1st, 2005 @ 12:48 am
Listen to Secret Agent Radio on Somafm


Click the Secret Agent piccie, and listen. I have loved this online radio station for a while, and feel like I should be letting more people know of this.

I love it
Current Music: Seks Bomba - l.r.o.c.

Neighbors gone and stuff Jul. 31st, 2005 @ 11:54 pm
My neighbors have left for 2 weeks to go to Michigan. (yay)
They are paying me $1.50 a day (if it doesn't rain) to water plants and make sure everything is alright.. They have quite a few plants and it involves getting onto a roof and stuff like that..
And I am getting $1.50 a day to do this...

The good thing about this is I am getting paid, which I have not gained any money this summer (so far). I am so lazy =P
I really have not done much this summer, other than study Japanese and sit at the computer, I think I am going to make a checklist of things to do before school (ugh) starts.

Well, My neighbor's house is really awesome... They have a bunch of land and some woods and stuff like that, and they board horses there too.. They have an old old barn(which the hay loft is an awesome place to hang out, and they have a little old wood cabin.. They have all these plants and a little greenhouse and stuff like that.. And the veggies. They have all kinds of veggies growing in their garden, like cucumbers, soybeans, beans, beets, onions, garlic, a bunch of herbs, squash etc. As for fruit, they have a little Apple orchard with 6 or so trees, a pear tree, a Asian pear tree, strawberries, (dying) Blueberry bushes, rasberries, a orange tree, a few banana trees, and whatever else I am forgetting.. oh yeah, a fig tree..

Last night I spent the night in their sunroom in my sleeping bag with my little brother because it was nice out, it was pretty cool =]

And, a two days earlier, my mom let our wiener dog, neka, outside, and she chased and killed one of our babyish turkeys..
Well, we got rid of Neka now to some old man who has a wiener dog who is 18 and going to die soon. I hope she is doing well and I miss her ='[... This isn't the first animal she has killed, she killed 2 baby rabbits, paralyzed another, killed two baby chickens, and has killed other animals like mice and baby birds... She is a killer =[

I feel sorry for the other turkey, he is really sad about the death of his mate(mourning by the bush his partner was killed in), and we might try to get another turkey for him to be partners with. And we might get some guineas (the birds from africa, not the south american rodents) too...

Well, that's all for now
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